Disability Confident online forms

Weekly DWP Updates
Author: Fiona Reynolds
Date: 07/09/2023


The online forms employers use to register, renew, progress or change their details within the Disability Confident scheme have been updated as part of ongoing improvements. The Guidance(link is external) has been amended to link directly to the new forms and anyone using links to the old forms will be automatically re-directed to the new ones. 

Links to the new forms are provided below: 

Registering for the first time -

find a job dwp.gov.uk/disabilityconfident/sign-up(link is external) 

Reporting changes to their business details e.g., address or contact details -

find a job dwp.gov.uk/disabilityconfident/update-details(link is external) 

Renewing or changing level -

find a job dwp.gov.uk/disabilityconfident/update-dc-status(link is external)