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Recruitment support and advice

If you are an employer based in Angus, we can help you recruit a diverse and skilled workforce. We provide tailored access to the labour market in your area.

We work in partnership with agencies like Skills Development Scotland, and the Department of Work and Pensions.

Learn more about recruitment support and advice at https://www.investinangus.com/skills-and-training/recruitment-support-and-advice/

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Skills for work

We offer flexible skills programmes to support employers and potential employees in Angus. These include:

Shared apprenticeships

Shared Apprentice Ltd is a non-profit organisation established to help address the shortage of skills in the construction industry. It helps to support local construction employers while encouraging young people to work in the sector.

The organisation helps small and medium-sized businesses benefit from working with an apprentice, plus:

  • No commitment to a full four-year apprenticeship
  • Shared Apprentice Ltd is the main employer covering all wages when apprentices are in the college
  • Standard employee costs like National Insurance, holiday pay, sickness pay are covered by Shared Apprentice Ltd

Learn more about shared apprenticeships https://www.investinangus.com/skills-and-training/shared-apprenticeship-ltd/

Rural Scotland

Rural businesses encompass a wide variety of industries including traditional ones such as farming, forestry and fishing but other industries also have an important role to play in rural communities including tourism, food and drink, health & social care (including childcare) creative industries, energy, manufacturing and others.

Apprenticeships and other forms of in-work training will be central in attracting new talent, helping workers upskill, and in turn boosting productivity.

Rural Scotland toolkit explains the different types of apprenticeships and support available and will help you make informed decisions to find the right solution for your business and gain the most from your team.

Download the Rural Scotland toolkit https://www.investinangus.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/final_lantra_rural_toolkit_merged-003.pdf

To find out more contact the Skills & employability Team on 01307 492039 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm) or by emailing skillsteam@angus.gov.uk