What is a Modern Apprenticeship and what’s in it for the young person?

Get a job. Get paid. Get qualified.

An Apprenticeship is for anyone who is 16 – 19 years old and is a partnership between the Employer, Apprentice and Training Provider. Where the Apprentice learns on the job and gains the knowledge, skills, and experience from working with their colleagues/employer.

The Apprentice uses this to prove competence towards a nationally recognized Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ), and are allocated an Assessor from the Training Provider, who will support them through the qualification with regular visits to the workplace and/or in a virtual setting.

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An Apprenticeship will help develop a career in your chosen field:

  • Over 100 Modern Apprenticeships across hundreds of jobs
  • Get the best possible training, designed with employers and industry in mind
  • Learn in a real-world environment that puts your skills to the test right away
  • You get the experience employers are looking for
  • Your qualification is accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • Develop Core Skills such as Communication, ICT, Problem, Solving and Numeracy
  • Gain additional industry specific qualifications

What's in it for the Employer?

Apprenticeships can help employers provide the skills they need to adapt, sustain, and strengthen their business. Access flexible, tailored training to meet their business needs and attract fresh talent and develop the workforce of the future.

  • Grow their business with apprenticeships
  • Designed by employers, for employers
  • 7
  • Tailored to meet the needs of their industry
  • Invest in young talent or up skill current employees
  • Improves productivity, reduces staff costs and turnover
  • Retain talent and reduce recruitment costs

Funding to help cover the cost of training

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) contribute towards the cost of training and assessing Apprentices via Training Providers who deliver the relevant qualification.

Additional Support

  • Assist Angus employers with recruitment of an Apprentice
  • Help with the Job Description to ensure this matches the relevant qualification
  • Advertise vacancy on AC Hanlon Portal, Indeed etc
  • Shortlist applications to meet specific experience/skills criteria
  • Arrange and/or attend interviews
  • Inform unsuccessful applicants (signpost to additional opportunities, available support)

Angus Council Modern Apprentice Opportunities

Angus Council have an aging work force and we need to engage with the younger generation and encourage them into the organisation. A MA Pilot Group was set up in 2019 to look at providing more Apprentice opportunities across Angus Council.

In 2020 we recruited 18 MA across various council departments and in 2021 we recruited a further 22 and are currently working on more opportunities that will be advertised in April/May 2022.

The MA Pilot has confirmed the value Apprentices have provided to Angus Council and are very committed to supporting and develop the young work force and recruiting young people into the organisation.

Angus Council are committed in their workforce plan to invest in young people and to work with our partners to create and support Foundation, Modern and Graduate Apprenticeship and Internships. Through the workforce plan Angus Council will aim to create opportunities for care experienced young people and young people with disabilities. This helps us to support and develop young people’s skills and for them to build successful careers within Angus.

Where do some of Angus Councils MA’s work?

Angus Health & Social Care partnership Building Standards Schools Housing
Communications Education & Life Long Learning Early Years/Nursery Economic Development
Legal & Democratic Active Schools Roads & Infrastructure Human Resources

Additional information

Please use the links or emails below for additional information:

Skills Team 01307 492039 skillsteam@angus.gov.uk
Fiona Reynolds Skills & Employability Officer ReynoldsF@angus.gov.uk
Jill Wilson Assessor/Internal Verifier WilsonJI@angus.gov.uk
Sarah Dunn Skills & Employability Adviser DunnS@angus.gov.uk



Council applications are all online via: https://www.myjobscotland.gov.uk/councils/angus-council/jobs

As part of the online application form you need to go through 5 sections:

  • Personal Information
  • Application Form
  • Additional Information
  • Equal Opportunity Questionnaire
  • Data Privacy Statement

You can also set up an alert for upcoming Modern Apprenticeship jobs on My Job Scotland once you have registered for an account.